Sustainability In Johor

Being as part of the corporation in Johor, we give our utmost concern on social issue, environment issue and safety concern in sustaining and building a better environment for our next generation. We strive to achieve the triple bottom line i.e. economic, social and environment. Having corporate sustainability helps our operation to reduce waste, energy, emissions, water and does impact the efficiency of whole supply chain value. To maintain the business sustainability, we implemented strategies as follow:-

  1. Innovation & Technology
    Leverage information technology in our daily business activities in improving efficiency and effective by saving manpower and reposition the old resources to a higher level work position. Having innovation to keep our company being competitive and even lower the cost for our customer when we achieve a higher level of efficiency.
  2. Collaboration
    Having close relationship with different association in helping our company to build a more competitive environment and to improve the economy status of Johor. We work with various government agencies in attracting foreign investment by promoting the benefits of investing in Johor such as high level of productivity and efficiency, lower cost of production and resources, in a way to improve the quality of life in Johor state.
  3. Process of Improvement
    Always review our last business activities practice and compare with the latest implementation in market. We do frequent business process reengineering in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our business process which save resources and energy.
  4. Sustainability Reporting
    Report on the effort in waste prevention, energy conservation, community commitment and recycling. We determine a new target every year in sustainability involving each employee.
  5. Green, Healthy Supply Chain
     Connecting and engaging our service into our customer’s supply chain activity and measure the impact in each stage of supply chain and helps to implement the ‘Green Practice’ in along the supply chain to ensure minimum emission. Ensure nobody is being affected by the emission of supply chain promote a healthy lifestyle to everyone involved in the supply chain.