Social Responsibility

We give our utmost care on our social problem and helps to improve our quality of living together with various association. We focus on the welfare for our employee and promote a work life balance and healthy lifestyle among our employees. We practice a harmony culture among our working organization which we emphasize on racial equity, teamwork and family like working relationship.

As an effort to improve road safety, we implemented activities and training that increase our employee’s safety awareness especially on the road. In 2017, we are planning a driver contest which test on driver’s knowledge, precautions and awareness on safety. It will help our driver and staff to understand the important of attention to safety and spread the message throughout the whole society.

We are always ready to lend our caring hand to the society. On December 2014, both Kelantan state and Terengganu state were affected by the heavy rain that caused massive flood and over 8000 people to flee their homes. In a way to relief the flood, we sponsored our trucks to distribute the relief items to their home which brings them their daily needs. We will continue our effort in helping the society in any possible way.