Environmental Sustainability

Maintaining environment sustainability required lots of attention and awareness from the top management to the daily operation of business activity. Having business practices that takes environmental issue as our major priority, we have achieved to lower the total COand SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide) emission from choosing the right truck for our daily operation. COcan deplete earth’s ozone layer and cause global warming.

Early in the morning, our service and maintenance team will practice to measure the air quality emitted from each truck using Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (CDST) and ensure all truck’s emission is lower than 50 HSU (Hartridge Smoke Unit). In joining effort with the Department of Environment Malaysia (DOE) and National Environment Agency Singapore (NEA), we ensure our trucks to strictly follow with schedule service and fix Fleetguard Fuel Filtration on every trucks to improve the fuel efficiency and lower the emission. Over loading is also strictly prohibited under our care.

We are the first haulage company in Johor to practice the usage of Euro 5 standard trucks which promote a more environmentally friendly emissions. We engaged ourselves with various truck makers around the world such as Scania, DAF and UD Trucks to have the latest update and support in improving environment sustainability.