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Mr. Loh Hong Fat
Managing Director
Transportation Executive and Management in Logistics and Supply Chain


Words from our director:

The logistics and global supply chain is being emphasized back in the 1990s. More and more manufacture or shipper are sourcing out their logistics activities and warehouse service to a 3rd party who are capable and professional in handling cargo movement across the world. Hoor Fatt Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is trying to implement a different strategies and a different way of operation from other competitors to fill the needs for every single customers. We aimed at customer who demand high quality of logistics services with security and safety precaution. We set a higher barrier by addressing to the needs of customer where we acquired high end equipment for cargo movement and built our facilities as secured as possible. We operate our cargo movement like no others. Borrowing the concept from sea port, we turned our plant into a logistics hub where cargo is allowed to terminate at our yard with expert equipment like container reach stacker and high strength security body. We adopt new technologies such as real time GPS tracking and RFID are capable of updating accurate and consistent information to our customers. We designed our in-house developed information system i.e. Route Management System, in a way to best fit customers’ needs. We keep ourselves agile in adopting new technologies from time to time to further improve our efficiency and accuracy of trucking information. Today, we are acquiring some advance information system such as an integrated information system that is capable of managing not only the routine and operation, but also to keep track on our trucks, trailers, containers, and even the spare part on trucks to keep our trucks in tip top condition while performing their tasks. In future, we are aiming for ISO 9001:2005 standard where a quality management system is built to help our employees to improvise and be innovative in creating solution for our customers. We also keep our effort in sustaining the environment by choosing a greener truck, keeping our service record to minimize the hazard emitted and place eco and environment consideration at the first place while expanding our facilities. Together, we can save the earth while building a more successful global supply chain.