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Vision & Mission

Hoor Fatt’s primary vision is to provide quality carrier transportation services to the utmost satisfaction of our clients in Malaysia. In order to achieve this, it is our pride that all of Hoor Fatt’s employees adhere to the stringent standards of our Business Ethics. Our Business Ethics ensures that employees conform to the Company’s strict standards of behavior, leaving customers pleased and satisfied everytime.


Our Mission:

  1. Performance: A good logistics system is act as a "linking bridge" to be one of the parts in circulation system, specifically it is linked with the production, reproduction and consumption. So it requires a very strong support team and advanced logistics equipment. Hoor Fatt delivers the form of logistics services more on local distribution in Malaysia. For technical wise, "On time delivery" and "Deliver in flexibility" make Hoor Fatt perform its quality logistics service in recent years.

  2. Rapid and delivery on time: Timeliness is not only an extension of the logistics service, but it is also a basic requirement of the flow of any logistics operations. This requirement has been stronger needed in any logistics company to suit large changes in social development daily. Highway transportation, schedule management and advanced technology systems is a manifestation of this goal.

  3. Inventory management: it is a value added extension of the service, but also related to the effectiveness of the logistics system. Find out a accurate way to identify stocks type, stock number, stock structure and stock distribution is a manifestation of this goal.

  4. Cost-effective: Cost is the key measure by which profit effectiveness is often measured. In term of logistics, since the time consumption of the transportation process basically do not increase or enhance the value of goods, therefore cost savings always comes to the first priority to increase the productivity of logistics services in Malaysia.

  5. Advanced technology: An establishment of logistics systems and operations always make use of powerful technology to streamline logistics operations, cut transportation costs, and maximize supply chain technology. Main elements: 1) logistics facilities 2)logistics equipment 3)logistics tool 4) information technology and networks 5) organization and management.

  6. Elements of logistics: It means the basic ability of logistics company to integrate all part of logistics services together effectively and make it a total logistics solutions, and achieve all goals of the logistics system. Some of the essential factor of logistics system is cargo services, warehouse management, packaging, custom clearance, local distribution processing and freight forwarders.

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