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Hoor Fatt Enterprise Sdn. Bhd

has been in the logistics scene for more than 20 years. Started in 1983 under the name of Hoor Fatt Enterprise & Transport Company, it has since grown into a mature shipping company having over 40 employees with the change of the name to reflect its growth.


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Hoor Fatt is a key player in the business of shipping services in Johor. With its main focus on transportation and haulage, it aims to provide high quality shipping services at an affordable cost to ensure customers are always satisfied.

Hoor Fatt is currently expanding rapidly with the uptake of additional trucks to meet the high demands of the shipping services provided by Hoor Fatt. One of Hoor Fatt’s goals is to establish trustable logistics coverage on all parts of Malaysia and the Republic of Singapore. Hoor Fatt currently covers consolidated shipping services, freight forwarding, haulage, container shipping services , and many other smaller forms of transportation methods, amongst other services.

At Hoor Fatt, we are constantly looking for ideas to improve and provide efficient and quality shipping services to our clients at affordable costs. Within Hoor Fatt’s growing fleet, one of the unique machineries that Hoor Fatt offers for container shipping service is the container handler called Kalmar ReachStacker. This allows Hoor Fatt’s customers with a special capability of handling and lifting container shipments with high precision and utmost care. The Kalmar ReachStacker is one of the many special benefits Hoor Fatt’s clients get to utilize.

Hoor Fatt’s biggest concerns include safety, security and efficiency. At Hoor Fatt, we bring excellence in shipping service to you. We provide the best shipping service at a very affordable price, ensuring that you can relax in peace knowing that your shipments are in good hands. Trust on us to deliver your goods safely, securely, on time, every time.

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